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The college has a dedicated maintenance department responsible for overseeing the maintenance of buildings, class rooms, laboratories, hostels, cafeterias, sports facilities, utilities, STP /ETP, lawns etc. A maintenance committee is constituted who monitors the maintenance and upkeep of the physical infrastructure, facilities, green areas, etc.

The department has qualified and skilled manpower for civil work, electric work, plumbing, carpentry work, horticulture etc. The security and vigilance of the campus is maintained by a team of security guards comprising of a Chief Security Officer, 6 security officers and 48 security guards. The point of contact for all maintenance related issues is the administrator of the college. The complaints are brought to his notice on various maintenance issues relating to carpentry, plumbing, electrical, civil and housekeeping.

The college has a maintenance committee that oversees the maintenance of buildings, classrooms and laboratories. The administrator lodges a complaint through an e-mail to maintenance department of the institution. The concerned person from the department who is in charge sends the required staff to resolve the issue in stipulated time. The institution has in-house full time employed carpenters, plumbers, electricians and painters. The maintenance department is headed by the administrator and the supervisor at the next level. The administrator functions as the coordinator who efficiently organizes the workforce through various departments. Adequate in – house staff is employed to meticulously maintain hygiene, cleanliness and infrastructure on the campus so as to provide a congenial learning environment. Classrooms, staffrooms, seminar halls, library and laboratories etc. are cleaned and maintained regularly by house-keeping staff assigned for each floor and department respectively.

Maintenance of infrastructure facilities, services and equipment’s is done as per following details:

The infrastructure facilities such as class-rooms, buildings, hostels, green areas, STP/ETP, etc. are maintained by the maintenance department.
The college has power management department to ensure uninterrupted power supply and maintenance of electrical assets.
General Lighting, Power Distribution System, Solar Panels etc. are undertaken as per their preventive maintenance schedules, guidelines by the equipment supplier.
The maintenance of equipment for water pumping plants, sewage, etc. are undertaken as per their preventive maintenance schedules, guidelines by the equipment supplier.